Rides and Attractions

Surf, Slide and Swim Your Way into Fun at Sahara Sam's!

Tut's Twisters in The Mirage

Head First Mat Racing! (Read More)

Tut's TwistersFly like history’s most famous pharaoh down these dual head-first mat racing slides. The first of their kind in New Jersey, Tut’s Twisters are side-by-side and sit 5 stories high!


Minimum rider height for Tut’s Twisters is 42” and maximum weight is 300 lbs.

Cleopatra's Cove in The Mirage

An Indoor Leisure Pool (Read More)

Cleopatra' s CoveA leisure pool fit for the Queen of the Nile. Relax in style and have a leisurely afternoon enjoying the calm of Cleopatra’s Cove. This indoor leisure pool features built-in bench seating so you can truly relax with family and friends.


Children less than 48” tall must be accompanied by an adult. Less than 42” tall must use a life jacket.

The Congo Bongo

Meander and Relax! (Read More)

Cong BongoSpanning nearly the entire length of our indoor facility runs the Congo Bongo Adventure River. Chances are this river won’t appear on your GPS as we do our best to keep its existence a secret…and you’ll understand why after your first float down stream. The Congo Bongo gives our guests a chance to slow down and take in the entire park. You’ll drift under our gardened terrace and float past the tropical warming pool; just a few of many sites to see along the Congo Bongo Adventure River.


Children under 36″ must wear a personal flotation device and be accompanied by an adult.

The Flow Rider

NJ's ONLY Indoor Surfing Simulator! (Read More)

Sahara Sam's OasisOur FlowRider technology creates an everlasting wave for guests to “hang ten” and surf the night away (in a shark free environment). Rain or shine, FlowRider continues to produce the ultimate wave. You can perfect your style with practice, ride the tide on your belly, or pull up a chair for prime wipeout views; you’ll always have the chance to strut your stuff on FlowRider.


42″ Minimum Height to Body Board   NOTE: Stand-up surfing is no longer permitted on the FlowRider®. Only belly-boarding is permitted. On non-peak hours, the FlowRider and other water attractions may run on a 30 minute rotating schedule. On weekends and school holidays, FlowRider will open at 11 am.   Minimum height= 42″ AND minimum age= 8 years old.


An Adventure Playland! (Read More)

Sahara Sam's OasisTaking center stage at Sahara Sam’s Oasis is Tim-Buk-Tu. Nested in the palm trees among the fountains, platforms, slides, and rides sits one of the most dynamic water attractions in the park. Tim-Buk-Tu is ready for exploration and adventure, closely resembling a tree house village one might stumble upon backpacking in the rain forest. Just when you think you’ve conquered the trials and tribulations of Tim-Buk-Tu, lookout overhead for that bucket!


Children 5 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Snake Eyes

Our Famous Tube Slides! (Read More)

Sahara Sam's OasisWrapping around the outside of the building, the Snake Eyes tubes do their best to constrict the fun out of our guests with the thrill of their speed. Different from The Nile Mile, Snake Eyes requires a tube to ride on. With limited friction between the bottom of your tube and the belly of this snake, it’s anyone’s guess which way you’ll be facing when you emerge! Be sure to try them both and let us know which slide is the fastest.


Minimum height= 42″ to ride with an adult. Minimum height to ride alone= 48″.

Mount Kilimanjaro

The Family that Slides Together... (Read More)

Mount KilimanjaroNamed after the volcano in Africa, our version of Mount Kilimanjaro is no longer dormant. This beast erupts with entire rafts full of our guests. This is a massive slide, with a girth wide enough to swallow an entire family! Depending on the size of your party, our rafts will hold 3-4 members at a time. If you’re here as a family, be sure to give Mount Kilimanjaro a visit. It’s always fun to tell your friends you took the kids on a trip to a volcano.


Minimum height= 42″to ride with an adult. Minimum height to ride with no adults= 48″.

The Nile Mile

Super Fast 350 ft. Body Slide! (Read More)

Sahara Sam's OasisAt 350 feet in length, The Nile Mile is a long enough ride for you to check your emails on the way down, but we certainly don’t recommend it! On most attractions, we would tell you to “hang on” but this is a body slide. No shirt, no shoes, no tubes, no problem! Designed for speed, this attraction is so fast we need 50 feet of runway at the end of your adventure just to slow you down! Da-Nile is no longer an excuse for you to stay home tonight; it’s become the number one reason to grab the crew and get out of the house.


Minimum height= 42″. Single Rider only.

Crocodile Flats

A Cargo Obstacle Course! (Read More)

Sahara Sam's OasisHow’s your balance? Try your hand at crossing the Crocodile Flats. Using the cargo ropes above, you’ll need to hang on tight if you want to navigate the flats! Can you make it from one side of the pool to the other without making a splash? Choose your path wisely; the spinning/floating/bobbing terrain under you has been known to cause some stability issues. Does this sound easy? That’s what they all say…


Must be a minimum of 42″ to use Crocodile Flats.

Sam's Slamdunker

Sam's Slamdunker (Read More)

Sahara Sam's OasisIt’s a whole different ball game, pun intended, when the home court is under water. Sam’s Slamdunker features multiple backboards and enough open water to get your game on in this aqua basketball emporium. Popular games include the classic “HORSE” but we prefer to play “CAMEL.” In the event of a tie game on Sam’s Slamdunker, the Life Guard on duty will choose a winner.


Children under 42″ must wear a personal flotation device and be accompanied by an adult.

The Lizard Lagoon

Perfect for Toddlers! (Read More)

Sahara Sam's OasisAn Oasis all its own! Don’t underestimate their size; toddlers have the ambition and curiosity of most 16 year olds (and sometimes the same attitude). The Lizard Lagoon offers our smallest generation an area to safely explore until their heart’s content. The slides and attractions in this area of the park are “fun-sized” just like the guests they were designed for. The low water depth and keen eyes of our Lifeguards make the Lizard Lagoon a safe and happy adventure for our babies and tots.


Children under 36″ must wear a personal flotation device and be accompanied by an adult. Maximum height to ride kiddie slides = 48″


Let the Stress Melt Away! (Read More)

GrottoSome of the best attractions at Sahara Sam’s are the ones you stumble upon during your exploration. The Grotto is often our guests favorite “discovery.” This little slice of paradise is discretely tucked away off the banks of the Congo Bongo Adventure River. It’s the perfect place to kick back and watch the stress melt away. Don’t confuse our Grotto with a hot tub, we keep the temperature at a safe level. The Grotto is a big help for our “cold-blooded” friends who have a might hard time staying comfortable, but seriously, no reptiles allowed. Must be at least 18 years of age or older to enter.

Rip 'N Roll | Outdoor Attraction

Ride the Waves! (Read More)

Rip "N RollImagine how nice the ocean would be if you could control the waves, remove the salt, and see the bottom. We did exactly that and named this behemoth “Rip ‘N Roll.” The Rip ‘N Roll is a wave pool and one of Sahara Sam’s newest attractions. Just how big is Rip ‘N Roll? The foot print of this inland ocean covers 12,000 square feet! Before you ask, the process to generate waves is a trade secret, sorry.


Children under 42″ must wear a personal flotation device. Children under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult.

Blue Lagoon Leisure Pool | Outdoor Attraction

Tradition at it's Finest! (Read More)

Blue LagoonFor years humans has looked to the sky and pondered some of life’s deepest questions. For instance “Why do I need a membership to separate facilities to enjoy both the thrill of water park attractions and the functionality of traditional leisure and lap swim areas?” Sahara Sam’s Oasis presents: The Blue Lagoon, a traditional open swim and lap lane pool. Enjoy an open swim, practice your laps, or soak up the nostalgia while you appreciate a revolutionary new concept only Sahara Sam’s Oasis could bring you: combining a leisure pool with the best water park attractions in New Jersey.


Children under 42″ must wear a personal flotation device. Children under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult.

Splish Splash | Outdoor Attraction

Where a Kid can be a Kid! (Read More)

Sahara Sam'sSplish-Splash is the outdoor version of our Lizard Lagoon. This area of our outdoor facilities is perfect for toddlers and small children alike. Designed with safety in mind, parents will enjoy Splish-Splash for its unique setup and ability to entertain for hours. Those fluent in both the “Goo-Goo” and “Gaa-Gaa” languages will make friends quickly.


Children under 36″ must wear a personal flotation device and be accompanied by an adult. Maximum height to ride kiddie slide = 48″.

Indoor Cabanas

Your own Corner of Sahara Sam's! (Read More)

Indoor Cabanas are available all year and feature:

  • 2 Deck Chairs
  • 2 Chaise Lounge Chairs
  • 1 Table
  • 4 Complimentary Bottles of Water

Outdoor Cabanas

Spoil Yourself with an Outdoor Cabana (Read More)

Outside Beach Club Cabanas overlook the Rip n’ Roll Wave Pool and feature:

  • 2 Deck Chairs
  • 2 Chaise Lounge Chairs
  • 1 Table
  • 4 Complimentary Bottles of Water
  • Electric Service for Cell and Laptop Use
  • Authentic Tiki Hut Style Cabana under a real Palm Leaf Roof
  • Wait Service featuring the New Bar/Appetizer Menu!

Sam's Lounge

You Sip, They Splash! (Read More)

Has anyone told you that you’re the best parents in the entire world? Well, you are and for that we would like to propose a toast! The Lounge is open during operational hours on Saturday and Sunday. (For weekday entertainment check out our Outdoor Tiki Bar, The Wipe Out, which operates during the Summer when the Beach Club is open.)


Boasting both a traditional and tropical drink menu, Sam’s Lounge also carries relaxation and peace of mind on tap. Located (strategically) just inside the entrance of our water facilities, your descendants won’t be able to slip past your line of site.   Maybe you came to watch the game, forget about work, or enjoy good company, whatever the reason is we are toasting to you: “To the best parents in the world!”

The Wipe Out!

Enjoy a Tropical Drink! (Read More)

If The Wipe Out was located anywhere else in the world, you would expect to arrive in a hollowed out canoe built by the local indigenous tribesmen. (If you actually did arrive at Sahara Sam’s Oasis in that fashion, we will still need to see some ID before we can serve you at The Wipe Out.) Exotic yet effective in both simplicity and design, The Wipe Out specializes in tropical-mixology for weary travelers and the energetic young professional. Located poolside as part of outdoor expansion, this over 21 pit stop is the perfect place to fuel up in the summer.

The Desert Palm Cafe

Great Deals, Great Food! (Read More)

You’re bound to work up an appetite after a fun-filled day of swimming and splashing! Our Desert Palm Cafe has food and beverage options for everyone in the family. Grab a family meal, healthy option or sweet treat. You name it, we’ve got it!

Group Event Catering

Great Meal Deals for Groups! (Read More)

Got a big group with big appetites? You’re in luck! We have special Group Buffet Packages sure to please and feed all appetites, ages and preferences!


Not only can you and your group pick a package to suit your needs, it also comes at a special discounted rate!

**Please note: Attractions in The Mirage open one hour after the park opens for the day.